Perhaps the most fascinating news from MLB’s postseason is that Jim Kaat, 79, has been named a Twins’ “special consultant.”

So where are all those pandering ESPN college basketball yahoos to renew their approval of court-storming after West Virginia’s student-athlete, 6-foot-8 Wesley Harris, belted a court-storming Texas Tech student Saturday following the Red Raiders’ 72-71 win?

No offense to ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. and the rest of the NFL’s mock draft experts, but let’s take a quick peek at a few of this year’s expected Super Bowl starters.

Patriots: Tom Brady, we know about. Sixth round, 199th pick. Game-changing kick-returner/wide receiver Danny Amendola, undrafted. Sure-handed receiver Chris Hogan, undrafted. Starting center, David Andrews, undrafted. On and on.

Eagles: Center Jason Kelce, sixth round, pick No. 191. Starting linebacker Dannell Ellerbe, undrafted. Starting free safety Rodney McLeod, undrafted. On and on.

Given that Kaat, a wise old owl, pitched for 25 years and, when not used as a reliever, threw 180 complete games — his “analytics” were limited to “retire this batter, the next, then the next” — and pitched 350 mostly effective innings after age 40, his special consultancy within a game that has lost its pitching mind to managerial sorcery should be very special.

“We’re praying for healing and keeping our mind and faith strong. We know we’re in a deep valley, but we do not feel alone,” said Vernon Shazier, an NFL chaplain who added: “It’s easy to be faithful in a storm, but we’re not talking about a drizzle. We’re talking about a hurricane, a category 5 [hurricane], lots of metaphors to describe it.”

On Tuesday, Shazier was announced as a Pro Bowl representative for his 89 tackles, three interceptions and two forced fumbles through 12 games and his teammates who’ve visited him say he’s eager to talk football strategy for the Steelers as they look to the playoffs.

The Vikings provided possibly the most emotional and most fun moments of the day. Teddy Bridgewater, who suffered a horrific knee injury prior to the beginning of last season, was in uniform and active for the first time, and was seen shedding some tears just before kickoff.

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