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Nashville Predators; 14.We share the same last name, so kind of seeing my name up there gave me a little motivation, gave me a little boost.You Can Play believes Custom Cheap T-Shirt teams should focus Custom Jerseys an athlete’s skills, work ethic, and competitive spirit, not their sexual orientation and or gender identity. No way; […]

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After every Buccaneers win this season, Staff Writer Carmen Vitali and I are nominating one player each for a vote by the fans as to who deserves that week’s Game Ball.As I alluded to above, I think that’s the case with Jacquies Smith, who went from waiver-wire pickup in September to a 6-sack man.We done […]

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Matt: I think things set up very nicely for Todd Gurley, who is playing on a one-year prove-it deal with the Falcons in 2020.They’ve got a good stable of backs ‘very versatile backs.It felt like when the chips were down, they just gave up!At the end of the day, I vouch to be physical at […]

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Speaking of injuries, don’t forget that Damonate Kazee ‘perhaps the Falcons’ biggest playmaker back there ‘was lost for the season, too.They were able to stop the Packers in Week Six thanks in large part to that particular strength of theirs.I’ve been in the business so long, I don’t have all the answers.I feel we let […]

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I feel like we’re playing good ball and I feel like we’re steadily getting better.Phone interviews should be arranged in advance and are subject to availability.Two weeks in a row coming through and getting the win.I’m looking for a situation I can exploit, a one-on-one situation or something like that.That’s what I did. To come […]