Team chemistry creates a wonderful work environment, but it’s not essential to success.

Brady knows Belichick is not a warm and fuzzy guy, and Belichick understands his quarterback has his volatile moments (such as his sideline meltdown with Josh McDaniels a few weeks ago).
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I’ve worked with plenty of playoff teams on which there were guys who didn’t get along with other players or their coaches. But come game time, they were true professionals who did their jobs to the best of their abilities. That’s Belichick’s mantra 锟斤拷 Do your job. And his Patriots comply.

I was the general manager of the Vikings team in 1998 that had a quarterback controversy with Brad Johnson getting hurt and being replaced by Randall Cunningham. We had some star Tim Hardaway Youth jersey players who were perceived by many teammates as too close to the head coach. And that coach, Denny Green, was seeking to expand his power base into a GM-coach role under a new owner in Red McCombs.
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e. NFL Journalism of the Week, from Deadspin, on one of the firms overseeing the dispersal of money the NFL is using for the civil rights donations it’s making to players.

f. The problem with groups overseeing supposedly wonderful and worthy and transparent donations and causes is that if they too are not altogether transparent and wonderful and worthy as well, it looks like a sham.

Grady Jarrett Limited Jersey The conference champions will play in Super Bowl LII on Feb. 4 in Minneapolis. lists the Patriots as the futures favorite to win the big game at 10/11 (-110), followed by the Vikings at 2/1 (+200), the Eagles at 7/1 (+700) and the Jaguars at 8/1 (+800).

He’s no Vontaze Burfict, no gratuitous offender with a long track record. But then I went back and watched it eight or 10 times. It’s gruesome, a forearm shiver from a much bigger man to the back of the head of Tre’Davious White, the Buffalo cornerback. Suspensions should not be doled out easily. But in this era of football, when the ills of hits to the head and head trauma and concussions are rightfully and universally decried, the violence of a hit like Gronkowski’s has far-reaching implications.

It left White with a suspected concussion. Knowing what we know about the dangers of concussions and how, once a concussion is suffered, future concussions can come easier, it’s inexcusable for a concussion to happen voluntarily. Gronkowski surely didn’t mean to concuss White, but whatever he meant doesn’t matter; it was a purposeful hit to the back of his head.

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